Trizyme (5kg)

Trizyme is a liquid enzyme preparation specially formulated for use in the mash tun. It is a blend of α-amylase and ß-glucanase from an approved bacterial source combined with proteolytic enzymes of approved vegetable origin and permitted food grade preservatives. Trizyme has been developed to assist with mash tun problems including:- Poor extract Slow run-off Inadequate production of assimilable nitrogen In the fermenter, Trizyme will combat problems including:- Slow and/or incomplete fermentations Altered yeast cropping and yeast suspension levels In cask slow fining, loose bottoms and a general lack of brilliance may also be apparent. These symptoms may be due to use of barley varieties that adjuncts to provide the necessary α-amylase and ßglucanase to achieve good quality worts with a satisfactory extract, the correct level of assimilable nitrogen and the required degree of fermentability.

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