Lalvin ICV OK 125g

For young fresh and aromatic rose, white and red wines. Lalvin ICV OKAY® offers fermentation security whilst producing very low levels of acetaldehyde, H2S and SO2. The development of Lalvin ICV OKAY® was associated with a PhD related to the identification of a new mechanism responsible for the control of SO2 and H2S production by wine yeast . A genetic study identified the molecular basis of these properties. Using marker-assisted selection techniques, Lallemand and ICV have selected, with the collaboration of INRA and Sup’ Agro Montpellier, Lalvin ICV OKAY®. Lalvin ICV OKAY® exhibits a special ability to produce very low levels of H2S and SO2. Moreover, the low acetaldehyde production of Lalvin ICV OKAY® will be a good asset to stabilize most wines with moderate SO2 levels. This yeast also offers fermentation security, completing fermentation in a large range of fermentation conditions. Tends to contribute good fruit intensity.

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