Antifoam FD20PK 25kg

ANTIFOAM FD20PK – FOAM CONTROL Antifoam FD20PK is a silicone based emulsion which has been developed for brewing and food processing and other applications where a quick knockdown of foam is required. Benefits Available in easy-to-use emulsion from Controls overfoaming at wort boiling and fermentation with minimum addition as a processing aid Enables higher rates of evaporation while wort boiling Provides better control of spirit distillation Prevents loss of hop bittering substances Improves Alpha-acid utilisation Prevents expensive wort losses and unhygienic spillages Maximises CO2 recovery Increases fermentation capacity Principle Antifoam FD20PK is an effective silicone based surface agent which prevents foam formation by reducing surface tension. It is classed as a processing aid because of its feature of being completely removed from beer by normal processing. It is absorbed onto the surface of the yeast and filter media. Antifoam FD20PK has no adverse effect on beer foam or flavour stability. Application Antifoam FD20PK disperses easily in both hot and cold aqueous systems, requiring only mild agitation to disperse it completely in the foaming system. Antifoam FD20PK is effective in a wide variety of brewing and other fermentation processes, particularly in mashing, wort boiling, fermentation and maturation. Rates of Use For maximum efficiency and economy we recommend the antifoam be diluted with water before use, in the ratio of one volume of Antifoam FD20PK to nine volumes of cool water, the water being added slowly to the antifoam with continual agitation. For best results the diluted antifoam should be used within twelve hours of dilution. The quantity of antifoam required can only be found by experiment. In general between 100 and 500 mg/litre (ppm) of the diluted product is all that is required (500 mg/litre = 0.5 litres per 1000 litres (of foaming media).

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