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Hops, Malt and Yeast

Orders must be placed through orders@balticbrewing.eu


(All Malt comes in 25kg bags)
SimpsonsBest  BeforePrice €/kg
Crystal Dark16.03.20190,5 €/kg
Distilling Malt06.03.20200,45 €/kg
Wheat Black04.20200,5 €/kg
Mela Red Alder06.20200,45 €/kg
Cara 20002.02.20200,4 €/kg
Aroma 10019.05.20200,4 €/kg
Mroost 140019.05.20200,4 €/kg
Munich 1510.06.20200,45 €/kg
Mroost Wheat Malt10.06.20200,4 €/kg
Cara 12010.06.20200,45 €/kg
Biscuit 5018.06.20200,4 /€kg
Pealed Roasted Barley17.06.20200,45 €/kg

Liquid Malt Extract

( 25kg Canister )
MuntonsBest BeforePrice €/kg
Cedarex Amber08.20201,99 €/kg
Cedarex Dark08.20201,99 €/kg


Yeast (50x11g)Best  BeforePrice Per Pack
Abbaye09.201952,55 €
Belle Saison10.201951,75 €
CBC-111.201959,80 €
BRY-9704.202085,95 €
Windsor04.202085,75 €
Munich05.202092,65 €
Munich Classic05.202090,99 €
London ESB10.202086,50 €
CBC-111.202090 €


Chinook US BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets 5kg 201820.4 €/kg
Columbus US BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets 5kg 201813.9 €/kg
Ekuanot BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets 5kg 201824 €/kg
Ekuanot Pellets Type 90-5kg 201823.3 €/kg
Ella Pellets Type 90-5kg 201820.6 €/kg
Monroe Pellets Type 90-5kg 201817.75 €/kg
ProvOak EU Style Pellets Type 90-5kg 201825 €/kg
Sorachi Ace Pellets Type 90-5kg 201822.5 €/kg
Styrian Aurora T90-5kg 201815.4 €/kg
Yellow Sub Pellets Type 90-5kg 201823.4 €/kg
H.Blanc Pellets Type 90-5kg 201812.6 €/kg
HBC 431 Pellets Type 90-5kg 201826.5 €/kg
Huell Melon Pellets Type90-5kg 201813.6 €/kg


Terms and Conditions

Orders must be placed through orders@balticbrewing.eu

– All hops have been kept in controlled cold storage and come in 5kg vacuum sealed bags.
– For contract customers, all hops are sold separately and can’t be called off the contract with discounted prices.
– All malt comes whole in 25kg bags.
– No reservations! First come, first served.
– Discounted prices valid for all orders until stock lasts.
– Delivery cost will be charged separately at regular prices.
– For existing customers, payment deadline is 5 days from order despatch.
– For new customers, pre-payment only.
– Special order can be combined with other orders.