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Hops, Malt and Yeast


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(All hops come in 5kg vacuum sealed bags)

CYCountryProductPrice €/kgPrice €/kg 20kg min
2020RSAXJA/436 T90 Pellets28,927,5
2019AUSElla T90 Pellets24,922,9
2019AUSTopaz T90 Pellets24,923,5
2019DECallista T90 pellets15,513,9
2019DEH. Mittelfruh T90 Pellets14,913,9
2019DEHuell Melon T90 Pellets15,914,9
2019DEPerle T90 Pellets14,912,9
2019DESaphir T90 Pellets15,514,5
2019DETettnanger T90 Pellets17,915,9
2019USACascade T90 Pellets18,917,5
2019USACashmere T90 Pellets30,929,9
2019USAChinook BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets24,522,9
2019USAColumbus BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets15,915,5
2019USAHBC472 T90 Pellets42,542,3
2019USAHBC682 T90 Pellets18,918,9
2019USASorachi Ace T90 Pellets24,922,9
2018BlendProvOak EU T90 Pellets24,924,9
2018BlendYellow Sub T90 Pellets25,525,5
2018DEMonroe T90 Pellets16,516,5
2018SIStyrian Aurora T90 Pellets13,913,9
2018USAColumbus BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets13,913,9
2018USAEkuanot BBC Pure Hop T90 Pellets23,923,9
2018USAEkuanot T90 Pellets22,922,9
2018USAHBC431 T90 Pellets25,925,9
2018USASorachi Ace T90 Pellets17,517,5
2017BlendFantasia T90 Pellets21,921,9
2017BlendTNT T90 Pellets18,917,9
2016DEHuell Melon T90 Pellets8,98,7


 Best Before Price €/kg
Alpha Acetolactate Decarboxylase (1 kg) 130
Amyloglucosidase 300 5kg 09.202012,9


(All Malt comes in 25kg bags)
 Best BeforePrice €/kg
Ireks Smoked Malt 1,12
Ireks Spitz Malt 0,72
Dingemans Aroma 100 MD19.05.20200,63
Dingemans Biscuit 50 MD18.06.20200,68
Dingemans Cara 20 MD10.06.20200,67
Dingemans Biscuit 50 MD18.06.20200,68
Dingemans Munich 15 MD10.06.20200,58
Dingemans Pealed Roasted Barley MD17.06.20200,74


Yeast (50x11g)

Best  Before

Price Per Pack   

Lalvin K1-V1116 (100x5g) 12.202046 €
London ESB 50x11g 10.202060 €
Windsor British-style ale yeast 50x11g 05.202191 €
Belle Saison 50x11g 12.202091 €
CBC-1 50x11g 12.202050 €
Lalbrew Essential Wheat 1kg pack05.202147,15 €

Terms and Conditions

Orders must be placed through orders@balticbrewing.eu

– All hops have been kept in controlled cold storage and come in 5kg vacuum sealed bags.
– For contract customers, all hops are sold separately and can’t be called off the contract with discounted prices.
– All malt comes whole in 25kg bags.
– No reservations! First come, first served.
– Delivery cost will be charged separately at regular prices.
– For existing customers, payment deadline is 5 days from order despatch.
– For new customers, pre-payment only.
– Special order can be combined with other orders.