Simpsons Premium English Caramalt

Simpsons Premium English Caramalt

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Colour EBC: 54 – 66
Colour °L: 20.8 – 25.3
Malt Flavour: ‘Horlicks’, Sweet Malt, ‘Shreddies’
Beer Styles: IPA, English Pale, Wheat Beer and Bock

Premium English Caramalt is Simpsons top of the range Cara. Used in Light Coloured Beers, it imparts a deliciously sweet malty flavour without the burnt character that higher colour crystals bring. Excellent for colour adjustment on delicately flavoured Lagers and Ales, Premium English Caramalt gives a slight colour increase. It also works well in highly hopped beer to balance out bitterness and citrus aromas.

More Information: Simpsons Premium English Caramalt

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