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Hops, Malt and Yeast

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Raw Leaf Hops

(All hops come vacuum sealed in 5kg bags)
2017USACascade Raw Hop15€/kg
2017USACentennial Raw Hop20,50€/kg
2017USAChinook Raw Hop18,90€/kg
2017USACitra Raw Hop25€/kg
2017DEH. Mittelfruh Raw Hop10€/kg
2017DENorthern Brewer Raw Hop14,80€/kg
2017DEPerle Raw Hop8€/kg
2017USASorachi Ace Raw Hop21,90€/kg

Malt & Extract

(All malt comes whole in 25kg bags)
MuntonsLiquid Amber Malt Extract (25kg)1,99€/kg
MuntonsLiquid Dark Malt Extract (25kg)1,99€/kg
DingemansSpecial B0,81€/kg
IreksMela Beech0,69€/kg
IreksMela Red Alder0,68€/kg
Ireks Wheat Black0,93€/kg
IreksWheat Dark0,61€/kg

Yeast & Nutrients

FermentisUS-05 500g36,50€/pack
LallemandBelle Saison 500g43,70€/pack
LallemandLalbrew Köln 500g72,90€/pack
LallemandLondon ESB 500g41,80€/pack
LallemandEssential Wheat 1kg58,90€/pack
LallemandSour Pitch 250g94,99€/pack
LallemandServomyces 10g3,05€/pack

Hop pellets

(All hops come vacuum sealed in 5kg bags)
2016DEHuell Melon T90 Pellets9,90€/kg
2016CZKazbek T90 Pellets5€/kg
2017USAMosaic T90 Pellets26,10€/kg
2017BlendFantasia T90 Pellets22,20€/kg
2018USAColumbus BBC PureHop Pellets13,40€/kg
2018USAComet BBC PureHop Pellets18,90€/kg
2018USAEkuanot T90 Pellets23,45€/kg
2018USAEkuanot BBC PureHop Pellets23,95€/kg
2018USACascade T90 Pellets15,55€/kg
2018USACentennial T90 Pellets17,15€/kg
2018USAChinook T90 Pellets 19,70€/kg
2018USAChinook BBC PureHop Pellets20,30€/kg
2018USASorachi Ace T90 Pellets22,35€/kg
2018USAWillamette T90 Pellets22,35€/kg
2018DEMandarina Bavaria T90 Pellets10,80€/kg
2018DEPerle T90 Pellets10,35€/kg
2018DEH. Mittelfruh T90 Pellets12,95€/kg
2018DEHuell Melon T90 Pellets13,10€/kg

Terms and Conditions

Orders must be placed through

– All hops have been kept in controlled cold storage and come in 5kg vacuum sealed bags.
– For contract customers, all hops are sold separately and can’t be called off the contract with discounted prices.
– All malt comes whole in 25kg bags.
– All yeast comes in 500g packs, unless stated otherwise.
– No reservations! First come, first served.
– Discounted prices valid for all orders received before 5pm (GMT+2) Monday 2nd December or until stock lasts.
– Delivery cost will be charged separately at regular prices.
– For existing customers, payment deadline is 5 days from order despatch.
– For new customers, pre-payment only.
– Special order can be combined with other orders.